Friday, January 29, 2016

Vintage Little Golden Book Haul 1950's-1970's - VIDEO

I found this great pile of Little Golden Books at an estate sale last weekend.  It was such a fun sale!  I got all kinds of stuff there. The house was in this really interesting Mid Century Modern neighborhood in the Cedar Hills area of Southwest Portland, Oregon.  I took a video of the neighborhood and I might list that later because it was just pretty cool.

Custom Mid Century Star Wars The Force Awakens Dress on ETSY!

My sister made this amazing Mid Century Modern style Star Wars the Force Awakens dress.  It's available now on Etsy.  She is a professional apparel designer.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Strawberry Shortcake Collection ~ Figurines ~ VIDEO

Here I go again!  More Strawberry Shortcake collection video.  Hopefully they are getting better as I go along!  Please be sure to "Like" the videos on You Tube, that helps me get higher in the search results and more people will see them.  Also, subscribe!  Thanks!!!

Birthday figures.  I need 1, 2, 5, 7, 9

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fun items I found at a collector's show recently.....

So much fun stuff!!

Lil' Homemaker Food Mixer

Small Wagon, salesman sample or child's toy.

Chalkware Fish

Walt Disney;s Dry Gulch Western Prairie Wagon

Ride on Fire Engine

Second View of the Fire Engine

Hasbro Fizzies Soda Fountain

McDonalds Playground Ride On Fry Guy

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Strawberry Shortcake Collection - Clothing Patterns, Posters, Misc. VIDEO

I love the patterns, even though they really don't have anything to do with Strawberry Shortcake except for the branding.  I still think they are super cute!  I love these posters I shared, especially the Christmas one!  Don't look too close at the spider webs I forgot to clear away before I shot the video! Oops!

Mad Balls Ad by AmToy - 80's

Mad Balls, you know because BOYS! 

Mad Balls from AmToy 80's toy Ad.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Where's Waldo Talking Toy - VIDEO

This cool Where's Waldo doll is about 19" tall and talks!  He has these little records that you can change out and the instructions have a little game you can play based on the items the doll asks for.  Check out the video and get the Where's Waldo Talking doll here, on eBay.

1980 Barbie Fan Club Kit!

Did you ever think you would get a peek into the exclusive, secret, society of the Barbie Fan Club?  Here's the official documentation from the 1980 charter.

Barbie Iron On Transfer

Sample of Barbie Cologne and Membership Card

Barbie Notepad

Barbie Fan Club News

Barbie Fan Club Visor

The video of he above items, with music.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Vintage AMSCO Supermarket Grocery Store Playset 1969 - VIDEO

I love teeny tiny things!  This little supermarket is so cute.  It came almost complete, only missing some of the groceries but I had some in my collection that fit perfectly.  The scale and the cash register really work and there are even coins in the register.

Do you know what these pets are?

I got these pets in a bag of Littlest Pet Shop G1 animals.  They have similar actions but I don't know what they are from.  Do you have any idea? They are super cute!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Collection - Birthday Party Supplies & Corkboards - VIDEO

I never had all of these fun supplies at my birthday parties.  We couldn't afford it.  But I do remember having Strawberry Shortcake cereal for my birthday party sleep over when I was 6.  The milk turned pink and tasted so strawberry sweet.

Chilton-Globe Catalog 1983 - Tea Sets and Play Dishes - CATALOG

If you were a kid of the 80's there's no way you didn't play with one of these sets at some point. The Corning Ware is the least exciting, but I like it the most because it's a tiny version of real stuff you could buy.

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog Cover

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog - Holly Hobbie, Herself the Elf and Barbie play dishes sets.

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog - Barbie, Monchhichi and Poochie.

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog  - Herself the Elf and Holly Hobbie Tea Service Sets

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog  - ET Play Dishes and Deluxe Tea Party Set

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog - Corning Ware Sets, just like Mom.

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog  - Corning Ware Kitchen Sets

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog  - Barbie, Holly Hobbie and Herself the Elf Deluxe Tea Sets

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog - Holly Hobbie Porcelain Tea Sets

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog - Pepsi Dispenser and Kool Aid Dispenser,
plus Magic pouring coffee pot.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Collection - Books - VIDEO

Some more of my collection!  I figured that I should keep doing videos while I am motivated.  Mostly motivated to dust an area of the room.  If I was to keep that room dust free I would just be continually dusting for the rest of my days!  Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Frogger Video Game Advertisement - Atari 2600

I loved Frogger!  This game was so awesome. It's a lot like one of my favorite Atari 2600 games, "Freeway".  Do you remember that one?  It was a chicken trying to cross a highway.  I never could figure out why that little guy was trying to get over there though.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Collection ~ Porcelain Items ~ Toy-Addict

I finally got around to filming some of my collection.  I started out with the porcelain items.  Mainly because they are dusted!  Have you ever noticed that there are lots more porcelain SSC items in Australia then in the US? At least that's where all the best items pop up on ebay.  They made all of these same shapes and items for Holly Hobbie as well, but those are much more plentiful.

Sons of Anarchy Action Figures - VIDEO

You might already know that Sons of Anarchy is my favorite show, or it was.  The show ended last year, sadly.  But it lives on in merchandising!  Mezco Toys came out with a line of SOA toys that is amazing.  I got Opie Winston and Jax Teller for Christmas this year.  My favorite part of them is that they come with little knives, with little knife holsters and they have kung fu knife fighting grip, to hold their knives.  I wonder if they are going to come out with some rival MC figures so that you can have a fun play knife fight? Opie and Jax certainly aren't going to fight each other.  We're in luck though.  They do have Clay and Gemma figures they may have to defend themselves against.  You can even get Jax and Clay in prison uniforms.

Sons of Anarchy is my favorite show. I miss it! I got these great action figures for Christmas. They are well made and have lots of great detail.

Find Sons of Anarchy Toys:

Toy-Addict EBay Store:
Vintage Toy-Addict on Etsy:

MARX Toys - Sears Catalog 1936

This is a page from a 1936 Sears Catalog.  I am in love with little tin buildings.  That gas station is amazing! AND... the globe on top of the gas pump lights up!  All for only $1.  I'll take it.

Marx Toys in Sears Catalog 1936.

Friday, January 8, 2016

LEGO Star Wars Aisle @ Toys R Us -The Force Awakens Minifigs Promo Case - Toy-Addict

Super short video in the LEGO aisle at Toys R Us. It would have been longer but my camera battery died! I took it before Christmas and when I went back, this aisle was wiped clean! The only thing left was the promo case and a few dented boxes. I guess LEGO Star Wars was popular this holiday!

I love that BB8. Which minifig is your favorite?

Monday, January 4, 2016

Flexible Flyer - 1928 - Don't let your boy miss all this fun!

1928 Flexible Flyer Ad
In honor of our Northwest snow today, I thought I would share a winter toy ad from 1928.  "Don't let your boy miss all this fun!"  Well I guess they are okay with your girl having some fun too, of course she isn't shown riding it.  Keep warm!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Star Wars 1970's Toy Ads

In the immortal words of Bill Murray, "Star Wars.  Nothing But Star Wars. Nothing But Star Wars.  All of the time."

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