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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Iron-Ons, T-shirt Transfers

I totally need this!!!
Do you remember those t-shirt stores in the mall?  In the 80's, every mall had one.  A store will countless iron-ons to pick from to get transfered to a ringer t-shirt (usually white t-shirt with colored ring collar and sleeves) or a baseball shirt (usually white t-shirt with raglan sleeves).  Problem with iron ons usually was that they would look bad after your mom forgot that they couldn't go in the dryer, or the shirt was too stretchy.  Either way, you would spend your hard earned allowance on an awesome Mr/T shirt, only to have the picture all cracked and jacked up looking after one week.  Still, where else could you find exercising cats on a shirt?  Or glitter pictures of Ponch and John from CHiPs?  Sadly, the iron on trend is gone, but there are still some die hards out there, hawking their vintage wares on Ebay and Etsy!  I came across this shop today and just had to share it in case you never got the glitter Mystery Machine shirt you always wanted.  You know my motto is, "It's never to late to have a good childhood."

Did anyone really ever do this to their Gremlin? Their website and Iron On Station Etsy Store.  They seem

to have different items on each.  I am sure there are lots of sites and stores out there with these items, in case you don't find EXACTLY what you want.  But these guys have some pretty fun stuff.

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