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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Reproductions - or - Does it have a tape deck in the side?

I konw that most serious collectors hate reproductions. But, I don't consider myself that serious!  I actually think that reproductions, or repops, have their place.  It's great for a newer collector, or a broke collector like me, to get something that they may never find or afford.  They can be useful and functional, while originals may just be for show and don't work or aren't useful.

In the 90's, when people really started to get interested in the past again, lots of reproductions hit the market.  We were still in the age of wanting everything new and shiny and so no one seemed to care that items were repop. 

One of the most popular repop items were the old radios.  Great little wood cathedral shaped radios, with a tape deck on the side.  My sister and I go to a lot of antique malls and collector's shows.  Our fun way to identify a repop is to say it has a tape deck in the side.  Even if it's a repop Barbie or Coke item.

This DOES have a tape deck on the side!  I must have one of these!

Great 40's style reproduction Radio, with, you guessed it, a tape deck in the side!

Yep, its got one!

I like the combo of the wood and the digital buttons! On this reproduction vintage phone.  But I don't think there ever really was a phone that looked like this, it's too strange looking.  It's as if they mixed a bunch of different old phone ideas together.  Love the pay phone, we have this in PINK!

This singer sewing machine reproduction is AWESOME!!!
Functional and faboulous looking.

These great images came from a 1993 Montgomery Ward Direct catalog, that I have on ebay now.  There is some other pretty great stuff in there too!

When you see this gal coming you know you are going to be pressured into buying a boat.

One Garth Brooks song comes on the radio and suddenly everyone wants to be a cowboy!  Oh, me too, me too!

Mickey Mouse Kitchen.  I'll take real versions of these!

Amazing Thoms the Tank Engine bunk bed.

These outfits are a little dated for 1993.  I think my sister had this outfit in 1983.

Play tractor, play Harley Davidson, and Batmobile!!

I had that Epson printer, it was the WORST.  It took 3 minutes to print out one page, and I had to replace the ink after 5 or 6 pages.  That is, when it worked.

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