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As a collector and reseller, for over 25 years, I have saved all kinds of different websites to help identify the toys that I come across.  If you have other sites that you use, please let me know via email, so that I can share them with the whole class! 😀

This is a MAJOR work in progress so I will be adding more as time goes by!

If you see "ARCHIVED" it means that I have gone to the Internet Archive - Way Back Machine, to find pages that no longer exist. 

Sites with several toy lines: 

   BOY's Toys

3-3/4" Archives - Action Figures of this size and their playsets and accessories. 

Super Toy Archive - Lots of 80s and 90s toy lines. Mostly action figure related. - Several Action Figure Toy Lines from the 70s and 80s. 

TransformerLand- This site identifies Transformers of all years along with lots of other boy toys from the 80s and 90s.  They have a great system to identify the toys and accessories easily! 

   GIRL's Toys

Action Figures

Darah - Female toy lines that were more action figures than dolls. She Ra, Goddess of the Cosmos, Golden Girl, Winx, and more.

Doll Links - This site has hundreds of links and pages of information about dolls, especially older and antique dolls.  Organized by Company, Doll Type, and Doll name.

Ghost of the Doll - Probably the best site for information about 80s and 90s girls doll and toy lines. Hundreds of different toy lines are included.

Tabby's Toy Lists - Several mid-late 80s girls toys. Not many photos, mainly descriptions. 

Toy Sisters Toy Guides - So many toys and dolls from the 80s to now. MLP, Barbie, Monster High, Sweetie Pups, LPS, Kitty Kitty Kittens, Jem, SSC, Cherry Merry Muffin, Rose Petal Place, Rainbow High,  and even MORE!

Sites with specific toys lines: 

     Everyone's Toys

Antique Toys -  

Breyer Horses - The 'Identify Your Breyer' site is amazing and comprehensive! 

Crayon - Mostly focused on everything Crayola. Date your boxes. ARCHIVED

Date Your Crayons - This is the specific page within the site to date your crayon box. 

Fisher Price - This Old Toy has almost every Fisher Price toy from the 30s-1999.

Little Golden Books - A fantastic Guide with lots of LGB Information 

Rushton Toys - Vintage Plush and Rubber Face Toys

Squeaky Toys - Vintage Mid Century Rubber Toys with a Squeaker.   

     Boy's Toys 

Big Jim - Archived Page 

 Lego - Brink Link - Brink Link has every single piece of Lego listed.  All of them! 

GI Joe 

GI Joe - 12" Version 

YoJoe - Has every 3-3/4" figure 1982-2019 

Indiana Jones - 3 3/4" Toy Mania page.  

Johnny West - Best of the West  ARCHIVED

M.A.S.K. - Everything you need to know! 

Steve Scout - Toy Fair catalog images of all of the toys in the line. ARCHIVED 

The Six Million Dollar Man - Great resource for many of the toys in this line. 

TransformerLand- This site identifies Transformers of all years along with lots of other boy toys from the 80s and 90s.  They have a great system to identify the toys and accessories easily! 

     Girl's Toys 

American Girls

American Girls Playthings - Lots of information about the vintage dolls and toys.  Not sure how up to date it is, but it covers up to at least the early 2000's. 


BarbieWorld  -  This site is not in English, but if you open it in Google Chrome it will translate it for you.  Great information from 1959-mid 90s.

FashionDollz - This site is great for Barbie face identification, thousands of images of every possible Barbie face.

Fashion Doll Guide - Mostly about early Barbie 59-70s.

Heart Family - Toy Sister Site page with EVERY item. - You can actually search the main Barbie website for anything vintage Barbie.  You will need an outfit name or number though.

Betsy McCall 8" Doll Collectors - Lots of great info. 


 Blythe Collector - Identification of vintage dolls and reproductions. ARCHIVED

Cabbage Patch Kids

My CPK - Has some great info on dating your doll and determining what factory it was  made in. 

 Hilary's Cabbage Patch Clothes Closet - A WEALTH of information about all things Cabbage Patch for 1983-now!

Crissy Ideal Dolls 

Crissy Town - Has about all of the information you need abouut Crissy! 

Crissy & Beth - This is another very extensive site for Ideal Crissy dolls.


  Darci Cover Girl- Doll and accessory identification. ARCHIVED

Dawn Dolls 

Dawn Dolls - Dawn Doll Archive with lots of photos and information. 

Dawn Dolls - That 70's Doll Dawn is a 6" Fashion Doll - ARCHIVED

Dolly Dingle on Doll Reference - Cute little 4.5" dolls with side cast eyes from the 60s. 


My Dream Dollhouse Identification from Fisher Price, Little Tikes and Playkool sets. ARCHIVED

My Dollhouse - A fun site with lots of info on Tin Litho Dollhouses

Dusty - Identification and collector fun! ARCHIVED


Cute Mini Things - has some great information about Fairywinkles & Wee Winkles 

Ghost of the Doll - great info.

Fairy Tale Birds -  Complete identification of all of the different birds

Fashion Star Fillies - Everything you'd want to know about the Fillies! 

Flatsy Dolls - This is a great for identifying Flatsy dolls by hair color! ARCHIVED    

 Heart Family - Toy Sister Site page with EVERY item. 


                  Jem vs Prancetron - So much good info and Clothes, Shoe ID

                 Totally Jem - Jem history and LOTS of info!

Toy Sisters - Jem dolls from the Integrity Doll lines. 

        Liddle Kiddles

Doll Reference - Lots of information about the Liddle Kiddles. 

Fashion Doll Guide - Some good information.

Hasbro Storykins - Liddle Kiddles clone dolls.

Monster High 

Monster High Collectors - very well done site with all of the info you'll need. 

Toy Sisters - From beginning to present day! 

Magic Attic Club

 Dollightful Dolls - They have lots of different doll information for 18" dolls. 

My Child Dolls

Marissa's World of Toys - Great information about My Child dolls and clothes. -ARCHIVED

 My Little Pony

DreamValley - ARCHIVED This amazing site is great for vintage MLP ID. 

My Little Wiki - It's pretty much all there and fairly easy to search.

 Toy Sisters - Lots of great information about all generations of ponies.

Polly Pocket

 Only Polly Pocket - Pretty much has all of the vintage items, a great                identification page for the parts and even has similar, non- Polly sets.

Rose Petal Place - Toy Fair Catalog Images of all dolls and toys. ARCHIVED 

Sea Wees 

 Sea Wees Lagoon - Click their small images to see larger images. Fun site!


Shimmering ID - Identification of all of the dolls and pets. ARCHIVED 

Sindy Dolls

 World of Sindy Dolls - Great detailed identification.

         Sindy Doll Fan Page - Lots of photos and info on UK and US Sindy Dolls 

Tressy - Tressy in all of her foreign and domestic forms, plus clothes. 




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