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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fun items I found at a collector's show recently.....

So much fun stuff!!

Lil' Homemaker Food Mixer

Small Wagon, salesman sample or child's toy.

Chalkware Fish

Walt Disney;s Dry Gulch Western Prairie Wagon

Ride on Fire Engine

Second View of the Fire Engine

Hasbro Fizzies Soda Fountain

McDonalds Playground Ride On Fry Guy

Monday, January 18, 2016

Vintage AMSCO Supermarket Grocery Store Playset 1969 - VIDEO

I love teeny tiny things!  This little supermarket is so cute.  It came almost complete, only missing some of the groceries but I had some in my collection that fit perfectly.  The scale and the cash register really work and there are even coins in the register.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Chilton-Globe Catalog 1983 - Tea Sets and Play Dishes - CATALOG

If you were a kid of the 80's there's no way you didn't play with one of these sets at some point. The Corning Ware is the least exciting, but I like it the most because it's a tiny version of real stuff you could buy.

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog Cover

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog - Holly Hobbie, Herself the Elf and Barbie play dishes sets.

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog - Barbie, Monchhichi and Poochie.

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog  - Herself the Elf and Holly Hobbie Tea Service Sets

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog  - ET Play Dishes and Deluxe Tea Party Set

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog - Corning Ware Sets, just like Mom.

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog  - Corning Ware Kitchen Sets

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog  - Barbie, Holly Hobbie and Herself the Elf Deluxe Tea Sets

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog - Holly Hobbie Porcelain Tea Sets

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog - Pepsi Dispenser and Kool Aid Dispenser,
plus Magic pouring coffee pot.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fisher Price - Stove - Kitchen Sink - and Tea Set - 1982

This Fisher Price Stove was one of my favorite toys.  I loved playing kitchen, houe and restaurant with my sisters.  I am sort of obsessed with play kitchen and play food items.  Our local children's museum had an entire grocery store that was kid sized.  I still have dreams about playing in there!

I love that you still see these in classrooms and preschools today.  These were made to last and are still super fun toys!

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