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Thursday, July 13, 2023

Vintage Sticker Albums!!! You Tube Videos

 I went to an estate sale last summer and picked up about 10 Vintage Sticker Books!  WOW!  What an

amazing sale!  I have had a lot of fun going through these books with my channel subscribers.  I hope you are a ToyAddict subscriber on You Tube!   There are 7 videos so far!  If you love vintage sticker books, go check them out!!! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Haul Videos GALORE!!! It's garage sale season, and I've been BUSY!! ~ VIDEO

It's summer around here and that means one thing, GARAGE SALES!!!  I've been out every weekend and garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores, searching for the good stuff.  I've made quite a few haul videos lately.  They seem to be all the rage right now.  I love watching what people found in their shopping trips!  Check 'em out.

All Cabbage Patch, all the time!

This was a fun haul from a collector's show I went to a few weeks ago.

LOVE the Disney Store!  Especially the outlet!

MORE Cabbage Patch Kids!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sanrio - Remeber when it wasn't just Hello Kitty?

I know that Sanrio still has lots of other characters, but do you remember the 80's when there were SO MANY other great characters?  It seemed like everytime I went to the "Happiness Shop" (The CUTEST shop in the mall!)  There were new fun character items that I wanted to buy.  I didn't have much money, maybe that's why I am so obsessed with Pop Culture now! 

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