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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ways to make your Ebay, Etsy or Amazon experience positive - From a Seller's Perspective

So many collectors have given up on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and other online seller sites.  I have heard so many people talking about bad experiences.  Problem is, people forget about all of their good experiences.  Yeah, it's not fun when things go wrong.  I've had bad experiences and felt ripped off on more than one occassion.  I realize that there are hundreds of thousands of sellers on eBay, and one bad grape may leave a bad taste in your mouth, but it doesn't mean the whole bunch is spoiled.

6 Ways to have a good Ebay, Etsy or Amazon (Non - Corporate Seller) buying experience......

  • Ask questions before buying!
    • Sellers are often not the expert on everything they sell.
      • If a doll comes in two sizes, and the seller hasn't listed the size, don't assume.  Ask for the height of the doll. 
        • The seller may not be aware that there are two different sizes and may not think to list measurements, but you cannot be angry that it was the wrong size unless you ask questions first.
  • Check the seller's feedback rating and percentage before buying. 
    • I tend to be cautious of new sellers peddling Super Rare items at low prices.  It's okay to go with newer sellers, but be aware.  Just like in the offline world, if it's too good to be true, it probably isn't.
  • Don't expect more than what is promised
    • Read the information on a listing.  Know what you are getting into before buying.
      • If a seller says they ship once per week, that means it could take 7 days just to get to the post office and another 7+ to get to you.  If you don't like that time line, don't buy the item. 
        • If you need it sooner, email the seller and ask if it can be shipped out sooner and agree to pay extra from Priority mail if needed.
      • If a description says an item is played with/used, don't expect it to come in mint condition. 
  • Review the site and seller's return policy.
    • You should be sure that you want something before buying it from an individual seller.  They aren't like corporations who can absorb returns easily.  Most sellers rely on eBay or ETSY sales as at least a portion of their income.  When you aren't completely sure and want to return something it could mean that they can't pay the electric bill. 
    • If there is an issue with an item you should be able to return it for a full refund.
      • On eBay you will not get your shipping price back unless the seller volunteers to send it to you.  Unless you get an incorrect item.
    • If the seller refuses, you can file a claim through eBay and get the issue resolved.
  • Give the seller a break.
    • Remember that these are just people who found something cool to sell. 
      • A newer seller might be inexperienced about the correct way to ship an item.
      • They may not be on their email account 24/7 just waiting to answer your questions.
      • Mistakes happen.  Items get lost or damaged.  Packages get lost in the mail.
        • If a mistake happens, give them the opportunity to make it right.
  • Leave Feedback
    • Whether positive or negative, if you leave feedback it is helpful to the seller and helpful to future buyers.
      • Make sure you have given the seller a chance to make things right BEFORE leaving negative or neutral feedback. 
      • Always be fair and honest in your feedback.
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