Barbie Identification & Links

This page includes links to all of my Barbie Blog posts and YouTube videos categorized and organized by year.

I will keep adding items as I find more.  Check out my YouTube Channel, follow me on Instagram, and visit my eBay store for lots of Barbie fun.

I hope this helps you to identify your Barbie items!

Also Includes helpful Barbie identification sites!

Helpful Identification Sites Around the Internet
  • BarbieWorld  -  This site is not in English, but if you open it in Google Chrome it will translate it for you.  Great information from 1959 to the mid-90s.
  • Barbie Doll Place - Amazing Italian site with LOTS of information from 1959-2011 or so.  You have to search around a bit, but it's worth it! Google will translate.
  • Fashion Doll Guide - Mostly about early Barbie 59-70s.
  • - You can actually search the main Barbie website for anything vintage Barbie.  You will need an outfit name or number though. 
  • My Vintage Barbie - A wealth of information about Barbies 1959-1977  Including information about telling apart #1-#7.
  • Mod Colors of Barbie - Great Mod-Era Barbie identification page. 
My Links --

Fashion Catalogs/Mini Booklets

50s & 60s

     1959 Barbie Fashion Booklet 1959
     1962 1962 Barbie Dream House Mini Booklet Insert
              Skipper Booklet 1963
              Barbie Fashions Booklet 1979 - Disco Glam


               1980 My First Barbie Booklet
               Barbie World of Fashion Booklet 1983
               Barbie World of Fashion 1984 Booklet
              1985 Takara Barbie Booklet Japan
              1989 World of Barbie Catalog


     1991  1991 Barbie For Girls Catalog of Toys, Clothes & Accessories for You
               1991 Takara Jenny Doll Booklet Japan


Miscellaneous Items

     1963 Barbie Magazine July/August 1963
     1964 Barbie Magazine May/June 1964
     1972 1972 Barbie Beauty Center Instruction Manual
     1982 Barbie's Designer Jeans Ad
     1987 1987 Midge California Dream Barbie Comic Book "Scavenger Hunt!" ~  Video
     1991 Barbie 1991 Sparkle Eyes Doll Punch-Out Sheet Scan
              1991 Classroom Valentines
              1991 Barbie Calendar

Dolls & Toys Videos

Haul Videos


  1. hi i was wondering if you have ever heard of there being a typo or mis print on the 1991 tyco magic bottle baby box because i have one and the box says ideal but the doll is tyco and all the boxes i find online say tyco where mine says ideal im just hoping you can help me figure this out thanks

    1. Yes, actually TYCO and Ideal merged around that time and several of the toys still had one logo or the other. I actually went to a garage sale of someone who worked there at that time and they said that if Ideal had a contract with a certain toy store, they would get toys with Ideal printed on them and vice versa. I bought several toys from them that were the same toy with Tyco or Ideal printed on them. So, it's not really a misprint as much as it was them trying to keep and fulfil the contracts of both companies.


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