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Friday, September 30, 2022

1950's Walt Disney's Magazine Ads ~ FUN

I just listed several Walt Disney's Magazines on my ebay store and I 
thought you might like to see some of the ads.  They are so fun!
Those Mickey Mouse Club boots!!! 


Saturday, March 25, 2017

It's 70's Week at Toy-Addict!! ~ VIDEOS

I guess it's 70's week over at my You Tube channel.  
I didn't realize that I was making all 70's videos, until I put up the Andy Gibb
video.  I guess I've been in a Disco mood lately!

This advertising booklet is HUGE!  At 64 pages, it's triple the
size you usually find these!  

I loved Andy Gibb in the 80's.  One of my watchers reminded me that
he was once married to Victoria Principal, fro Dallas.

Cher had some great outfits!
Sonny's were just okay!  I wonder how many people actually bought
a Sonny Bono doll?

I didn't really watch this show.  I was more into The Bionic Woman!
I wish this thing also had that famous bionic sound effect.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mego Cher 1976 Desogner Collection Catalog

I don't know if these are all designed by Bob Mackie, but I know that at least some of them are.   At the bottom is a photo of Peasant Lady, an outfit I recently sold on ebay.  It states it was designed by Bob Mackie. 

I am glad to see that Sonny got some of his own fancy digs as well.  The Space Prince outfit is nice!

Monday, April 29, 2013

16mm Theater "Braverman's Condensed Cream of Beatles"

As a fan of 16mm educational films, sometimes you have to scratch your head and wonder how this film had any educational value in a classroom.  This one, I guess, could be considered art in 1973.  It certainly would speak to 1973 art today! 

This film, Condendsed Cream of Beatles, is an art film about (Drum roll please........)  The Beatles.  The film includes music, lots of fast moving images, television and interview clips.  Apparently this film has created quite the conspiracy theory stir about Paul McCartney really being dead and has images to back it up. 

The theories were all disproved by searching for the original images.  But people enjoy their theories, don't they.

Iamaphoney: Braverman's Condensed Cream of Beatles  This blog talks about the theories and shows the real images.

When I watched it, I was just trying to get good images of the Beatles themselves.  I guess I missed the clues about Paul. 

Maybe the Dog knows?

Does this mean Paul is stuck(like gum) in another body?
I do have this film available for sale on Ebay starting April 29.  If you have to see the evidence for yourself, you may want to snatch it up!  Sorry, YouTube has removed the full video due to copyright concerns.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

1982 ME- "Oh yes! That Michael Jackson doll will be mine!


There are some awesome toys in this 1984 Woman's Day Ad.  I saved forever to get that Garfield Phone.  It got broken in a brawl with my brother.  The Michael Jackson doll was the most popular dude in Barbie Land!  And what can you say about those amazing Cabbage Patch Kids and Koosas!  Well, maybe not the Koosas.  My sister loved them, but I didn't get it.  Why were the pets the same size as the dolls?  They looked so weird!  That Nerf Pool set is pretty awesome too.  I bought it about 10 years ago, at a garage sale, for my afterschool program.  The kids absolutely love it.  And it's Nerf so it took like 5 years to break one of the balls.  And it was probably already like 20 years old then.  Sweet Lego Minifig and Space Ship.  You know how much those minifigs cost now?!?  Did you have any of these toys?
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