Strawberry Shortcake


Visit my old Strawberry Shortcake website on the Internet Archive

The site contains lots of fun; Strawberry Shortcake Coloring Books, Clip Art Images, Greeting Cards Information Page, Complete Frutillitas Sticker Book

More Strawberry Shortcake Fun:

Coloring Books

Strawberry Shortcake Mini Catalog Booklets:

See the scans of these books here: 

I've got lots of fun Strawberry Shortcake videos on my you tube channel.



  1. Hi, I am loving your content. I really appreciate the scans. I started collecting SSC about a year and a half ago. I am wondering if you have any favorite resources. For example, I am trying to figure out why one of my Butter Cookie dolls has a yellow striped hat instead of green stripes. Is it some kind of fading, or was a certain year made differently? I am really getting into the weeds I know, but I have even made a spreadsheet so I can keep track of what I have and what I am looking for lol. I would also love to know if there is a good collectors group you could recommend. I am so glad there are other adults who still love SSC. Just looking at their cute lil faces makes me happy. Thank you.

    1. The color difference is from fading, unfortunately. I am in about 6-8 different Strawberry Shortcake groups on facebook. They are all good and a lot of fun. I love seeing people sharing their collections and recent finds! "Life is Sweet Vintage Strawberry Shortcake" and "Strawberry Shortcake Collectors" are both great ones off the top of my head. Good luck on your collecting and thanks for checking out the Blog!

  2. I know from your videos that you only collect the vintage Strawberry shortcake granddaughter likes the bridge direct new dolls. I got a complet set for her. She needs clothes for them. Whether they are official clothing or otherwise.
    Ebay has clothing and Amazon has clothing...are they 6inch or 5inch. We got a 6inch pack from a Chinese manufacturer...they fit somewhat well shoes fit nicely, but she wants more clothing..any fingers are too big for a sewing machine. Crocheting that I see on Pinecrest is awkward. Any ideas are appreciated.


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