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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Chilton-Globe Catalog 1983 - Tea Sets and Play Dishes - CATALOG

If you were a kid of the 80's there's no way you didn't play with one of these sets at some point. The Corning Ware is the least exciting, but I like it the most because it's a tiny version of real stuff you could buy.

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog Cover

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog - Holly Hobbie, Herself the Elf and Barbie play dishes sets.

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog - Barbie, Monchhichi and Poochie.

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog  - Herself the Elf and Holly Hobbie Tea Service Sets

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog  - ET Play Dishes and Deluxe Tea Party Set

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog - Corning Ware Sets, just like Mom.

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog  - Corning Ware Kitchen Sets

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog  - Barbie, Holly Hobbie and Herself the Elf Deluxe Tea Sets

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog - Holly Hobbie Porcelain Tea Sets

Chilton-Globe 1983 Catalog - Pepsi Dispenser and Kool Aid Dispenser,
plus Magic pouring coffee pot.

Monday, November 23, 2015

ET the Extra Terrestrial - Drunk Play Figure

The Movie ET came out when I was 6.  It was the most amazing thing to me.  Especially when the ET and Michael Jackson record came out.  At six, I was convinced that I would marry Michael Jackson someday, and now he was best friends with my favorite alien!  If you want "kids" movies from the 80's they are pretty different then they are now.  There is this scene in ET where he finds beer in the fridge and gets super drunk. Elliot, being connected with ET, starts acting drunk at school.  Being that kids loved this part so much, they immortalized it in a pvc figure.

Here kids, relive the fun of getting drunk, maybe you can try it yourselves someday!

Grab this figure, and some other fun ET items from my ebay store.....

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hedstrom Bike Catalog 1983

What's better than ET Shoes, you ask?  An ET Bike!  With a basket in the front!  Awesome!  Forget the shoes, I'll take one of these!

Those training wheels would be helpful.  I haven't ridden a bike in years.

You know I am a Strawberry Shortcake fanatic.
I actually have this bike hanging from the ceiling in my Strawberry Shortcake room!

YES!!! Fly through the air on the General Lee, just like Bo and Luke, or Vance and Coy, whichever Duke Boys you prefer.

Oh my gosh!  I need that trailer!
BMX Trike.  I can just see the toddlers jumping the giant dirt mounds!

Tea Party! I have the rocker with SSC face on it, but I pretty much cannot live without the rest of this stuff!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ET Shoes!

Can someone please manufacture these again? For adults?
They look comfy and cute!

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