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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Strawberry Shortcake 1980 Kenner Toy & Doll Booklet Mini Catalog

 1980, What a magical year! Strawberry Shortcake first came to the market as a doll and a cartoon special.  I wanted to visit Strawberryland SO MUCH!  (I was 4.)

Click the "read more" link to see the entire catalog and youtube video.
Click on each photo to view it larger or right click to save it.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Poochie Cartoon Special

I remember being totally obsessed with Poochie as a kid.  I had a fantastic dog growing up, his name was Zack.  He was a German Shepard/Pit Bull cross and he was super smart and always seemed to know what you were talking about.  We got him from an ad in the paper at 2 years old and had him for 17 years. He was just an amazing dog.  He slept in my bedroom at night, right between my sister and my beds.  Right up until he chewed up my only Poochie stamper!  He got kicked outside after that.  I still feel bad about it, but it was Poochie!  It probably smelled good and he thought we must have left him a treat, but I was so angry. 

I went to a birthday party of someone I didn't really like because her mom was going to rent the Poochie Special on VHS.  Everyone was so excited to see it!  About three minutes in someone said, "What is this crap?"  We were not impressed with the cartoon.  We were expecting something Strawberry Shortcake like, instead we got a Japanese Animation cartoon with action and robots. I still loved the stampers though!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Seuss Land at Universal Orlando

A spinning ride where they squirt water
on you as you circle the fish bowl.
You ride in fish! Red, Blue, One or Two.
I recently flew across the country and visited Universal Orlando and the Universal Islands of Adventure.  They do a great job of theming and adding new and amazing things.  (I'll talk about Harry Potter later!) One of the more fun areas of the park is the Dr. Seuss area.  It's more themed for little kids, but everyone can enjoy it.  There's a "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" ride where you spin around the fish bowl and the big fish on top spits water at you.

There's also a Caro-Seuss-Al, filled with Seuss like creatures that carry you around and around, and up and down.  You'll recognize many of the creatures from your favorite stories on the carousel.

One of my favorite things to do in a theme park is to check out the merchandizing. I know, I know, but it truly fascinates me what they can come up with.  These shirts were all so much fun!

I love the Sneeches!
They had a green eggs and ham stand, but it was closed by the time we got to this area.  I don't know if they actually served Green Eggs and Ham.

My Sister is such a Grinch sometimes!

That's me!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The first time I saw Poochie was at a sleepover.  The girl's mom had rented it at the video store and thought we might like it.  She was right!  I loved Poochie and all of the little stationary and stamper sets.  I had the stamper toy that was shaped like her, and you pushed down on her sunglasses to stamp on your paper. 
I watched it recently, and it is a super cheesy Japanese animation cartoon.  I guess that's why I really only remembered the toys.  They are WAY better than the cartoon!


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