Wednesday, October 24, 2012

16mm Theater "Chicken Power, A Fowl Look at Economics"

I just can't get enough of 16mm films!  The simple joy of sitting in your classroom on a Friday afternoon watching films so that your teacher can take a break.  The click, click, click of the projector, or getting to be the lucky kid who gets to load or rewind the film, good times!

This film stars the SAN DIEGO Chicken!  It's called, "Chickenpower, A Fowl Look at Economics".  Basically the film is trying to convince us that it is a good thing that gas and energy prices have gone up!  Yeah right!  This is the late 70's when gas prices tripled.  They say that now that prices have gone up we will learn to conserve gas and energy.  Cut to over 30 years later and we are still working on it.

The San Diego Chicken has his own radio show!  Who knew?  I didn't think he talked.

When the Chicken goes to the store and can't find his favorite bird seed, and he is outraged!

Can you believe how much it costs to power the Chickenmobile? The San Diego Chicken must find a better way to get to the ball park.

He could try the bus, but the fans will mob him!
He could try hitch hiking, but it's dangerous!  The driver is eating a bucket of Chicken! YIKES!
He could make some new friends by hopping on the back of a Chicken truck.

Energy efficient modes of transportation took the Chicken too long to get to the field.  The game is already over and the San Diego Chicken gets a stern talking to by the owner of the team!

The San Diego Chicken get a scooter to save money and get to the game on time!

But, at home the electric and gas bill is too high also!

So, the San Diego Chicken goes out and buys an Energy Saving Wood Stove to warm the coop.

But them he has to chop his own wood!

Then he tries to insulate the coop, but that's not so easy either!

I guess he's going to have to turn down the heat in the bird bath.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pac-Man Headstone - Happy Halloween!

I woke up one morning this summer with this great idea in my head for a Pac Man tombstone.  I wrote it down right away, because I always forget my morning inspirations. 

In my hometown there is a fantastic home haunt, called the Davis Graveyard.  They work miracles with special effects in their front yard, to delight Halloween passers by.  They put massive amounts of money and time into their yard each year.  A few years back they started sharing their ideas in classes.  We jumped into the first class, "Making Your Own Tombstone"  and have been making a couple more each year.  These babies are quite a bit of work, but so fun and a great creative outlet.

Here are a few others we have done.

Here Lies our Beloved Stan, his only sin was being a Yankee fan. 1918-2004  Red Sox fans would recognize that 1918 is the last year they won the World Series before the curse of the Babe.  And 2004 is when the curse was broken.  Maybe  it was all Stan's fault!

This year we are having a little pet cemetery.  This is Zero from Nightmare before Christmas.
"All that time thinking outside the box for this?"  My friend Rocky came up with this clever idea, and I knew I wanted to be the shape of an old time coffin.

This is my mom's! 
I'll share more of the graveyard later this month!


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mego Fashion Candi, again!

A while back I did a feature on a Mego Fashion Candi Doll.

Here is a larger version of the advertising booklet.

About a week ago I found aMego 1979 Fashion Candi Supersize Doll she is the same size as Supersize Barbie.  She doesn't have the white face that the rest of the Fashion Candi dolls get.  I listed her today for $10.  She will close October 29, 2012. 


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Crazy for Cabbage Patch Kids!!!

I was absolutely crazy for Cabbage Patch Kids in the day.  In 1983 my mom fought for a doll in the Christmas rush and got me one.  My second doll, which I had saved up for, took six months to get.  Toys R Us had waiting lists a mile long for people who wanted the dolls.  I would walk down to the store every week to see how close I was to the top of the list. 

This booklet came with one of the hundreds or thousands of Cabbage Patch items available in 1984.

Visiting the Advertising Information page to see the booklet larger and lots of other fun items.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lego, I never did get you.

1980 Lego Ad

For most young boys, if you ask them what their favorite toy is, the answer will be something like, Lego Star Wars, or Lego Batman, Lego Anything is popular these days.  Lego has cartoons and video games, and all of those awesome Minifigs (The Little Lego Guys). 

     Last weekend I bought a Lego Creator set at an estate sale. The creator series includes buildings and objects in kits to build.  The set I bought was a Lighthouse.  Set 5770 LightHouse Island.  I knew that if I wanted to sell it on Ebay I would have to put it together  and make sure it was complete.  I was never into Legos as a kid, and as I started working on this set I started to remember why.  After three hours I got the 518 piece lighthouse together, including rotating electric light, mini boat, and the light house with opening door.   This set is kind of cool because the pieces are made to look like the lighthouse, but I just could never get my legos to look like anything except a square building.  Maybe because we didn't have all of these fancy figures and different shapes in the 70's and 80's.

My hard work.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

This is why I sell on eBay.

Fantastic story.

I was once at an Antique Mall and there were some ladies in the same booth with me.  One gal spotted a Beatles record tote in the cabinet.  She said to the other, "I had one just like that.  I lost it in the move after my mom died."  The other gal said, "it's probably yours. Let's get them to open the case."  "No it can't be mine.  I couldn't afford it anyway."  Her friend walked to the counter and got them to open the cabinet.  She pulled it out, and her name, first and last,  was written on the back.  She screamed and held onto it like it was a long lost friend.  Her friend ended up buying it for her.  What a nice thing that was to witness.   

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ice Cream Mania!

WWF Ice Cream Ad 1986

I had one of these ice cream bars at a WWF event in 1986.  I think it was a Hillbilly Jim.  It tasted awful, but I couldn't complain because I had to beg my mom to let me get one.  Even though it tasted so bad, I secretly wanted another one in case I could get a Macho Man!  I was, and still am, a sucker for, "Collect the All!"

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