Thursday, September 13, 2012

This is why I sell on eBay.

Fantastic story.

I was once at an Antique Mall and there were some ladies in the same booth with me.  One gal spotted a Beatles record tote in the cabinet.  She said to the other, "I had one just like that.  I lost it in the move after my mom died."  The other gal said, "it's probably yours. Let's get them to open the case."  "No it can't be mine.  I couldn't afford it anyway."  Her friend walked to the counter and got them to open the cabinet.  She pulled it out, and her name, first and last,  was written on the back.  She screamed and held onto it like it was a long lost friend.  Her friend ended up buying it for her.  What a nice thing that was to witness.   

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