Thursday, December 27, 2012

Schwinn 1980 Catalog

Remember your first real bike?  Mine was a Banana seat Schwinn passed down from my brothers and to them from, who knows?  It was kinda ragged, but I thought it was awesome.  I wish I still had a banana seat bike.  I remember the day I learned to ride it.  When  I felt comfortable I just took off and kept going, my mom behind me yelling to stay on our street.  I did.  For a couple of days.  We lived near a park with lots of cement paths.  I remember meeting friends there and riding our bikes around with our candy cigarettes hanging out of our mouths.  We thought we were so cool!

I didn't get a chance to fully scan this catalog, but if you want to see better pictures of it, you can own it!  I have it for sale at Ebay now! First $10 gets it!
Vintage Schwinn Catalog 1980 Bicycle Sting Ray Tornado BMX Hurricane Unicycle


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