Friday, November 13, 2015

45th Anniversary of the Exploding Whale - Florence, OR

I live in Portland, Oregon.  This story has been a source of  entertainment for my entire life.  There was a time when they would play this video anytime they could connect it to some news story.  As the story goes, a giant whale washed up on the Central Oregon Coast.  After a few days it really started to stink, so they had to figure out what to do with it.  No one wanted to cut it up, or burn it, so they decided to blow it up.  The hope was that the dynamite would basically disintegrate it into teeny tiny pieces.  They put a half ton of dynamite next to the whale, moved everyone back a thousand feet, and let her blast.  Apparently, 1,000 pounds of dynamite is not enough to disintegrate a whale! In the video you will hear some click, click, click sounds.  That's whale rain!  Little and BIG chunks of whale when everywhere.  A car a 1/4 mile away was totaled by a chunk of whale meat.  I can't even imagine how you would have smelled after being covered in bits of several day old dead whale.

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